Vitalin Testimonials


Deborah L.
Gender: Female
Profession: Executive
Ontario, Canada
I have been taking Vitalin for about 3 years. The results on me are your best testimony. My friends are convinced that I had a face lift, which I did not. The major visible improvements are in my skin color, texture and reduced wrinkling. The invisible improvements are my energy and vitality levels, which remind me of myself at 15 years ago. It is my pleasure to support this great product. Thank you, Revita!

C. Lynn
Gender: Female
Profession: Purser with an International Airline.
This is a thank you note, concerning your natural HGH booster, Vitalin. I have been taking it for the past six months. I am very glad that I made the decision to use the Vitalin because the benefits, which I have been experiencing, are enormous. Beginning with a major improvement in mood and sleep, which was followed by a continuous boost in energy and stamina. I am positive that Vitalin has a positive effect on my immune system and definitely on my skin. My colleagues are curious to find my secret...

T. Tomaselli
Gender: male
Age: 53
I started taking Vitalin about 8 months ago. I find it to be the most potent supplement I had ever taken. Vitalin improved my sleep, stamina, libido, blood profile and general mood.
Amazingly, my new wife got pregnant recently. I had suffered from poor fertility all my adult life. I had been having sex all my life unprotected. Suddenly, my wife gets pregnant and the only reason I can think of is the improvement in my fertility due to your Vitalin. Thank you all for a wonderful product.


R. Mann
Gender: Female
I would like to express my satisfaction of your product. This is my third kit and I have no doubt that your product is effective. After one year of taking Vitalin, I certainly notice significant changes in the shape of my body (weight loss of about 4 kg.) I am not overweight and I did not alter my eating habits. My acquaintances, colleagues and family members do ask me frequently "what did you do to yourself?" Again and again I need to explain and say that I did not have any plastic surgery done.
I have to emphasize that usually I am very careful and reserved when it comes to food supplements and health products... I accidentally read the ad in the paper and ordered the kit. I am certainly happy and glad for taking this product and happy with the results.

R. Mizrachi
Gender: Female
Profession: Nurse
About two and a half months ago I purchased your excellent product Vitalin. I would like to state that this product makes me feel great:

  • My vision is improved (in reading)
  • Noticeable improvement in memory
  • Good mood and lots of energy- I do not get tired as before
  • Some wrinkles disappeared
  • Deep and relaxed sleep

To summarize- I feel great and find it necessary to inform others.

Dr. Z. Rabinowicz Ph.D.
Gender: Male
...I have been using the said supplement for more then 4 months. I would like to state that lately I could notice that the fine wrinkles on my neck disappeared. The thin skin over my neck became thicker and more flexible. Actually, it got back to its condition of 10-15 years ago. This is on top of improvements in memory and vitality...

Dr. Zohar Eliel, M.D.
Profession: Specialist in Pulmonary Diseases
Gender: Male
Head of Pulmonary Unit
Rebecca Sief Government Hospital, Safed, Israel
I, Dr. Zohar Eliel, have been using the Vitalin for the past 7 months, as a paying customer. I have experienced the following improvements:

  • A noticeable mood improvement within the first 2 weeks
  • A gradual and significant increase in my energy level which may be explained as an improvement in oxygen absorption
  • A faster rate of growth of hair and nails
  • A measurable improvement in my pulse, as a sign for improved circulation


Talmor I.

Gender: Female
Age: 48
...Noticed improvements in energy, vitality, skin, endurance, metabolism, mood, nail and hair growth....

M. Ronen
Gender: Male
Age: 57
...Improvement in major parameters, including blood profile, sexual performance and bone density...
...X-ray of my heart revealed strengthening of the heart muscle. The scar in my heart muscle is disappearing- to my doctor's amazement...

B. Feldman
Gender: Female
I suffer from hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis. My angina, cholesterol and triglicerids improved subtantially

J. Afek
Gender: Male
Age: 61
I am a cancer patient. Was operated in my neck and shoulder. Decided to take your Vitalin and give up radiation therapy. I feel great and the quality of my life improved dramatically. I noticed improvements in energy and vitality, lost some weight, improvement in my skin, physical ability, improved mood and denser bones.

Z. Berker
Gender: male
Age: 75
...Improved energy, physical ability, metabolism, sleep quality, elevated mood, better memory, faster growth of hair and nails, improved hair pigmentation, improved libido...