Vitalin and Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is quickly gaining popularity as a way to lose fat while keeping muscle.  As the name implies, intermittent means fasting (avoiding eating or drinking caloric foods and drinks) for a specified period of time.  Many people find it easier to simply not eat for a period of time and then allow themselves to eat to eat as they wish rather than constantly restricting portions and food types.  Popular methods of intermittent fasting include:
  • fasting for 16 hours each day and then allowing food for 8 hours popularly called 16/8
  • Eating just one meal per day
  • Alternate day fasting
  • 36-hour fasts
  • Multi-day fasts

Intermittent fasting may or may not be your chosen dietary strategy.   If you do use IF, Vitalin is a perfect supplement to enhance your results, regardless of which of the above listed fasting methods you choose.


Stimulates Production of Human Growth Hormone

One major advantage of Intermittent Fasting over the usual calorie-restricted diet is that it increases the secretion of Human Growth Hormone (hGH) thereby increasing fat burning and, when combined with resistance exercise such as weight lifting, maintaining or increasing muscle mass.


Burn Even More Fat, Keep Even More Muscle

Burn More Fat
The increased levels of hGH from using Vitalin will serve to further improve this tendency towards keeping muscle and utilizing fat for energy.  HGH stimulates lipolysis - the breaking down of stored fat into its component parts - thereby allowing the body to use its stored fat as fuel, rather than keeping it locked away. 
The synergy of IF and Vitalin may cause lipolysis to occur sooner into the fast and have greater effects throughout.  This means that you will burn more fat by supplementing your fast with Vitalin than with just fasting alone.

Keep More Muscle
One of the key advantages of Intermittent Fasting is that it tends to keep more lean mass as compared to weight loss on a standard reduced calorie diet.  One reason for this may be the increase in hGH levels during fasting.  We know that elevated hGH increases amino acid uptake and protein synthesis in muscles.  Elevate your hGH levels further by taking Vitalin and keep more of your muscle while shedding unwanted fat!





Vitalin and Intermittent Fasting: A Natural Pairing

Vitalin has a similar effect in that it too increases Growth Hormone secretion.  This means that you can achieve more of the benefits of IF in less time by coupling an IF regimen with the intake of Vitalin.  There is a synergistic relationship between Vitalin and Intermittent fasting and this allows you to supercharge your body recomposition results.

Vitalin is a natural pairing for Intermittent Fasting and they go hand-in-hand. Vitalin must be taken on an empty stomach and this is more easily done while intermittent fasting. Vitalin further increases Growth Hormone thereby amplifying the positive hormonal effects of IF.  A dose of Vitalin only contains around 18 calories and this is not enough to disrupt a fast (source)